Tiger Zinda Hai Full Movie Life Time Total Box Office Collection Worldwide Business Income

Box Office Collection of Tiger Zinda Hai Full Hindi Movie Lifetime Worldwide Business Income Total Overseas Earnings Report : Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif starrer much anticipated Bollywood movie ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’ released on 22 December 2017. The celluloid, which is the sequel to 2012’s superhit blockbuster ‘Ek Tha Tiger‘, took a flying start on Indian box office. The Hindi offering witnessed massive occupancy in the cinema halls in morning, noon, evening and night shows.

The action thriller received thumping response not only in India but also in the foreign countries. Hitting 5700 screens across the globe, the new action film fetched huge response from the audiences. Though the movie went through controversy over its screening in Maharashtra, Salman Khan’s fans seem to have given preference to this film in the theatres and multiplexes. The Hindi flick is expected to collect a whopping business of Rs 100 crore in first weekend.

Directed by Ali Abbas Jafar, the action thriller film features Paresh Rawal, Girish Karnad, Sudeep, Angad Bedi, Kumud Mishra and Najmeddin Al Hadad in supporting roles. Shooting of the film began in 2016. Filmmakers shared the first look picture of the movie. The poster image was liked on the internet and social media by a huge number of Salman’s fans.

In past few years, craze to watch Salman Khan’s movies has increased. The massive public response seems to have improved his films’ performances on Indian as well as foreign box office. The actor’s films like ‘Dabbang’, ‘Wanted’, ‘Dabbang 2’, ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ and ‘Bodyguard’ received ample response from the audiences. All these action offerings successfully surpassed 100 crore club within first two weeks at India’s box office.

Last year released ‘Sultan’, with its huge box office collection, became the most successful movie of Salman Khan. The actor’s latest film ‘Tubelight’ was expected to gross more than 200 crore total business at Bollywood box office, but the celluloid failed to meet the filmmakers’ expectations. Now, Salman’s fans are eagerly awaiting for his action flick, which is expected to break the box office records created by his all previous films.

Tiger Zinda Hai Box Office Collection

  • 1st day – Rs 34.10 crore
  • 2nd day – Rs 35.30 crore
  • 3rd day – Rs 45.53 crore
  • 4th day – Rs 36.54 crore
  • 5th day – Rs 21.60 crore
  • 6th day – Rs 17.55 crore
  • 7th day – Rs 15.42 crore
  • 8th day – Rs 11.56 crore
  • 9th day – Rs 14.92 crore
  • 10th day – Rs 22.23 crore
  • 11th day – Rs 18.04 crore
  • 12th day – Rs 7.83 crore
  • 13th day – Rs 5.84 crore
  • 14th day – Rs 5.09 crore
  • 15th day – Rs 3.72 crore
  • 16th day – Rs 5.62 crore
  • 17th day – Rs 8.27 crore
  • 18th day – Rs 2.72 crore
  • 19th day – Rs 2.56 crore
  • 20th day – Rs 2.30 crore
  • 21st day – Rs 2.10 crore
  • 22nd day – Rs 1.46 crore
  • 23rd day – Rs 2.12 crore
  • 24th day – Rs 3.27 crore
  • 25th day – Rs 1.36 crore
  • 26th day – Rs 1.02 crore
  • 27th day – Rs 0.88 crore
  • thirty days income – Rs 339.85 crore

Tiger Zinda Hai Total Collection

  • India – Rs 327.98 crore
  • New Zealand – Rs 2.88 crore
  • Australia – Rs 6.44 crore
  • United Kingdom – Rs 10.63 crore
  • Malaysia – Rs 0.29 crore
  • Germany – Rs 0.32 crore
  • United States – Rs 6.18 crore
  • Canada – Rs 1.40 crore
  • North America – Rs 28.70 crore
  • UAE (GCC) – Rs 27.64 crore
  • Worldwide Collection – Rs 542 crore


  1. bakwas movie hai. agar aisa real mein ho sakta hai to salman ko bhejo syria mein aur duniya k un hisso mein jaha atankwadi hain. dekhte hai kitno ko mar pata hai salman

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  2. my name is bhat raja I am from kashmir I am biggest fan of salman khan bollywood main sirf ek hi hai jiss ki 3 film 300 crore ’12 film 100 crore and 5 films 200 crore cross kargayi hai issiliya toh isko boxoffice ka king kha jata hai salman khan kay fans ready hojayai bhaijaan ki another 300 crore club film Race 3

    • I agree with you 100/ percent,salman khan is the greatest human being,son,brother and friend,the most blessed and talented artist there is.bhajaan look the good work he has been doing from day-one,he gives percentage from his salary to being human foundation,I have never heard of any other film-star who has wholeheartedly does charity work and donates on regularly basis,that’s why god is always watching over him,this human is blessed to the max-a brilliant human being,the most respected megs-star of bollywood-with atbb,s,like no-one else,the only superstar with last 4-movies,only one is not 300-crore the rest 3 all over 300-crore plus and tzh is killing it on Bo,as usual.339.40.53-days collection nett.India only,a megastar with heart of gold,(24k) there never could be a another salman khan,god only made one-there are always gonna be wannabes,who got over confidence,they have had a few hits with San Jay leela bhansali,salman bhai,is the one who helped sanjay leela bhansali a lot-he wouldn’t have been where he is now,if bhai didn’t rescue him at the time,salman is brand-movie work with his blessed name-cos he like we is a great beliver of the creater(Allah swa)not the creation,allah-ho–akbhar(god is great).love ya-bhaijaan

  3. Iam fan of salman and iam from sindh pakistan salman is a good actor and good human he is very kind person iam sindhi and ilive in village ahmed abad jakhar jeea sindh jeea tiger bhai’

    • Pakistan is beautiful place,and people are just great,if there is beauty on earth I would say travel through Pakistan and find out for your self,and I did travel through India

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  6. Bollywood kehelo ya Tolly wood
    Bhai ek hi he jinka back to back 300cr kamane Bala film he triple century….
    Sultan,bajrangi bhaijaan,and now tiger zinda he..
    Aur 100cr sabse pehele kamane wala Bhai Ka hi film he ‘hum Apke hai kaun’ “1billion”
    Sabse jyada film 100cr kamane wala Bhai Ka hi film he….

  7. Ok. Bb2 4000 screens mai hindi mai realease hui thi. 515 cr nett. 750 cr gross sirf hindi mai. Billi zinda hai 4700 screens +christmas+new year+long weekend+no other movies+action masala+ooske namard fans k liye shirt bhi utara bina reason. Itna sab hote hue bhi wahi 300cr ya 320 cr movie. Abhi tak p. K ko bhi cross nhi kiya.

      • Aur kitna excuse doge gay fans bahubali ka ticket price sirf kucch jagah jyda tha like delhi, hyderbad, mumbai etc sirf 2 din k liye… Infact tiger ka bhi 2400 se jyda tha…. 1st week end tak…. Aur rahi baat budget ki 170 cr aur 250 cr mai koi aasman ka farak nhi. Occupuncy aur holiday ki baat q nhi karte tum log. Bb2 ne 10 days tak 70 percent occupuncy di thi… Tzh holiday mai bhi itni occupuncy nhi di. Ye excuses dena chhodo….. Salman ki movie oos se 700 screen jyda mai realease hui hai hindi mai phir bhi tod nahi paayi… Aukat bhi kya hai salman ka aamir k aage…. Ab sirf wo hi todega.

    • tere maa ka paida marroo sale ..salman tere behan k soota ha jo tujhe pta ha ki wo namard ha…. ja k chk kr le uska loda tere muhh na gussa diya tuo salman uska naam nhi …baat krta ha wo bollywood ka bosss ha

    • Tu phele apne aap ko dekh samjhr tere auqat to 1 paise ki bhi nahi hai durse ko baad me dekh ya bol phele apne aap ko dekh

    • Oy bb2 sab is liye dekhne gaya the ki katap ne kyu mara babhubali ko is waja se chali ok aur bat bb1 600cr aur bbj 626dono sath ayi thi tab to hindi me 120 tak pochi ti kyu

  8. Bhaubali ne 4 bhas ki film relase kiye magar tiger zinda he ne ek hi bhas ki relase ki salman khan is best actor

  9. sala 300 cr bhi paar nahi hua to salman k ch**ya fans hawa mein udane lage. bahubali ne 1500 cross kiya hai gadho. south indian film industry ko bollywood se compare na karo. bollywood is child of tollywood

    • Bhai ki to baat he aalag hai Salman bhai me aapka. Bhut bade fan hu bhai aap mujhe ek bar yaad karlo ye mere no hai 8869008576

  10. tiger ka baap “Akshay Kumar” bhi zinda hai . 25th January ko record breaking opening day collection karega aur salman k movie ko utha ke patak dega

  11. Bhijan sb ke baap hi,uska ek hisab hi failure is an temporary but all time blockbuster is permanent,and it proved in Karnataka state ke ek city Hospet

  12. bhai sub log kaise ho. bhai usko movie dekha ya nahi pucho nahi dekha hai tho jakar dekho bolo aur dekha hai tho uske fans ku dekho bolo isse hi nai salman bhaijan ke fans dewane nai hote. Salman Bhaijan ki acting action hamdard sub kuch hai. Re kya re itna kheta jata hai Salman bhaijan ke bareme apne ap ku dek aine me teri shakal kaise hi hai ki aur tera me dam hai tho Salman Bhaijan ke fans ke samne jab bol
    tuje chirpardege tuje.

  13. salman Bhai is the biggest actor in the film industry and iam sure this movie will make bigest record.happy birthday salu Bhai jann

    • Bhai agar tujhe salman khan pasnd ni hai toh chup raho na q kise k galat bolre ho..salman kya hai or kya ni hai vo sb log k pata hai…aap k bolne s kuvh fark ni padhta

  14. salman khan namard hai hi aur uske fans bhi bahut bade namard hain. sale kutto yaha mat bhauko. aao maidan mein. sab ko patak patak k marunga

  15. yar maa behan k gaaliya band karo insan bano jaanwar bhi tumse acche hi Bhai jaan is best best of luck sab khush raho jiyo r jeene doo

  16. salman bhai jaan happy birthday mai aap ka sabse bada fan hu mera ghar nepal may hai

    wish you many many happy retuns of the dAY




  17. Salman bhai jaan aap jaisa bada dilwala puri duniya me nhi hai ……aur salman bhai kr bura bolnewalo ka jldi allah muh kala krega …….
    Salman ka bura sochnewale to jal jal ke marenge ….
    Tzh supethit… love u salman bhai jaan

  18. India box office pe 400 cr asani se kma legi….q ki tiger av jinda hai ….awesome movies salman khan
    Apne bollywood ko hila ke rakh diya. jo anhoni ko honi bna de use salman kahte hai

  19. I am pray for Bahi Jaan to become success in his life and Tiger Zinda Hai are going to cross 500Cr in normal situation don’t worry be happy.

  20. Salman Khan ke ch**ya bhakto. Ek baat kaan khol k sun lo. Salman namard tha. Namard hai Aur namard hi rahega. Mera Jo ukhadna hai ukhad lo

  21. bakwas acting. totally illogical fight scenes. south Indian movies are better than these kind of nonsense Bollywood films

  22. Wait kr rha hoo jaldi se 22 dec aaye or main movie dekhne jaou

    Salman k movie flop ho ya hit lekin main miss nhi kr skta or yeh movie to definatly 350 cr paar

  23. according to the movie predication that is movie would be collect 93 crore in three days then this movie would be consider as blokbasters 93 crore in just three days its a hug figure its very difficult for it.

  24. Expected business worldwide is about 2 to 3 billion,Keeping in mind his last movie Tubelight movie just collected its Bugget.

    • Ghantaa,,,, Dwayne Johnson and Hugh jackman ki filmy aarahi hai after a week so collections will be low in the second week in India,,, so tiger business karegi in the first week,,,

  25. 1st weekend 100cr.
    As xmas fall on monday it will collect 35cr is on.so the 1week collection will be approx 200..in second weekend also new year holiday is on monday..so the chances of this movie being the biggest Bollywood grosser of 2017 or salman’s highest till date is skyhigh.

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