Tiger Zinda Hai Seventh Day (7th Day) Box Office Collection

Tiger Zinda Hai box office collection on 7th day was impressive in India. Total worldwide business and overseas earnings too met the filmmakers’ expectations in first week. Featuring gorgeous Bollywood beauty-queen Katrina Kaif and muscular actor Salman Khan in prominent roles, the newly released much awaited action thriller flick surpassed Rs 100-crore mark in initial weekend and headed towards mega-collection at global box office.

Showcasing excellent performance on first day, the Hindi celluloid gained tremendous response from the audiences. Witnessing a humongous occupancy on opening day, the Bollywood flick garnered a total income of Rs 34.10 crore. The movie not only performed well in domestic arena but also attracted a huge number of spectators in the foreign countries. With pre-release business, the action film crossed Rs 50-crore mark on day 1.

Maintaining consistency in the performance, Ali Abbas Jafar directed latest film faced thumping occupancy on day 2. Witnessing around 78-80% occupancy on Saturday, the second installment of ‘Ek Tha Tiger’, minted Rs 35.40 crore amount at Bollywood box office. At international platform, the film continued to exhibit admirable performance and entered Rs 100-crore worldwide collection within two days of its release across the globe.

After earning a walloping amount in 2 days, ‘Yash Raj Films’ production geared up to boost its overall income on Sunday. Receiving highest response on the national holiday, the Bollywood movie raked in Rs 45.53 crore amount as its collection on 3rd day and created new record on Indian box office. With amassing such bulk revenue, the Hindi offering surpassed ‘Bahubali 2 : The Conclusion‘ first day collection. Prabhas starrer action flick’s Hindi version had minted Rs 41 crore on opening day.

The action thriller continued to receive huge response from the audiences on following. Christmas holiday helped the celluloid in attracting a good number of spectators in the cinema halls. The film earned Rs 36.54 crore on 4th day of release. After surpassing Rs 150-crore mark in domestic arena, the Hindi offering conquered in entering 200-crore club in international market. However, the movie could not maintain consistency on Tuesday and garnered Rs 21.60 crore income in India.

Grabbing enormous eyeballs in the overseas, Angad Bedi and Paresh Rawal starrer new Bollywood film agglomerated an overall income of Rs 35 crore in the foreign countries. The sequel of ‘Ek Tha Tiger‘ earned Rs 1.40 crore in Canada, Rs 21.68 crore in United Arab Emirates and Gulf countries, Rs 0.81 crore in New Zealand, Rs 7.59 crore in North America, Rs 6.18 crore in United States, Rs 2.86 crore in Australia and Rs 2.70 crore in United Kingdom.

Box Office Collection of Tiger Zinda Hai

  • First Day : INR 34.10 crore
  • Second Day : INR 35.40 crore
  • Third Day : INR 45.53 crore
  • Fourth Day : INR 36.54 crore
  • Fifth Day : INR 21.60 crore
  • Sixth Day : INR 17.55 crore
  • 6 Days Business : INR 190.70 crore

Tiger Zinda Hai Worldwide Business

  • Canada – $ 219,752
  • United States – $ 966,160
  • North America – $ 1,659,343
  • Australia – A$ 578,292
  • New Zealand – NZ$ 257,725
  • United Kingdom – £ 452,023
  • Germany – € 50,863
  • Malaysia – MYR 76,416
  • United Arab Emirates – $ 950,000+
  • Worldwide Business – INR 297.19 crore


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