Spyder Full Movie 18 Days Box Office Collection

18th day collection of Spyder Full Movie took the overall earnings to next level and impressed the filmmakers as well as audiences. Featuring Mahesh Babu, Rakul Preet Singh and S J Suriya in leading roles, the latest bilingual south Indian celluloid started its box office journey with earning a huge opening day income. The movie is expected to receive steady response from the audiences in 2nd weekend.

Hitting more than three thousand screens across the world, the new spy thriller cinema earned US$ 1,399,096 in United States of America. Continuing exhibit improvement in the total business, AR Murugadoss directorial project did a business of A$ 113,494 in Australia. The multi-starrer offering took surprising start to its box office journey on Indian box office.

Surpassing the previous records, Mahesh Babu’s latest release became the highest earner Tamil celluloid which has also been released in Telugu language in other south Indian states. Averting the attention of a big chunk of movie-watchers, the multilingual spy cinema grossed a thumping amount of Rs 51 crore as its worldwide box office collection on Friday.

The action movie agglomerated a humongous collection of Rs 14.75 crore in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Gaining big response in Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada speaking states, the south Indian celluloid bagged an amount of Rs 15 crore on day 1. Produced under the banner of NVR Cinema Reliance Entertainment, the newly released bilingual flick beat the first day collection of ‘Jai Lava Kusa‘ which was released in previous week.

After taking a great start in domestic arena as well as in the overseas market, the mult-starrer action cinema is expected to enter 150 crore club by the second weekend. Receiving mixed reviews from the critics, the celluloid gained positive response from the spectators. Fans of the main actor were perfervid for the release of this new film.

On 3rd day of release, the celluloid faced poor occupancy in central and northern states of India as Taapsee Pannu, Varun Dhawan and Jacqueline Fernandez starrer new Hindi film grabbed a good hold in the several theatres and cinema halls across these regions. Judwaa 2 box office collection is expected to impact the business of Mahesh Babu’s film in middle and northern parts of the country.

Spyder Box Office Collection

  • 1st day : Rs 51 crore (INR 23.40 cr at AP/T)
  • 2nd day : Rs 21 crore (INR 9.50 cr at AP/T)
  • 3rd day : Rs 19 crore (INR 9 cr at AP/T)
  • 4th day : Rs 19.75 crore (INR 11.25 cr at AP/T)
  • 5th day : Rs 19.65 crore (INR 10.50 cr at AP/T)
  • Australia : A$ 113,494 (INR 6.3 cr)
  • USA : US$ 1,399,096 (INR 9.14 cr)
  • Karnataka : Rs 7.8 crore
  • Kerala : Rs 0.8 crore
  • Tamil Nadu : Rs 6.3 crore
  • Andhra Pradesh : Rs 21.6 crore
  • Nizam : Rs 10.34 crore
  • Ceeded : Rs 3.9 crore


  1. Syder movie is really good don’t belive in critics opinion they all running their business for money. Watch the movie then say u r opinion on the movie

  2. Mahesh is a good actors the audience r not receiving well movies like spyder-one-khaleja-nani-nijam are very good movies but no one received well bcz telugu audiences are still on a mood on rayalasema and some love story movies only not on a good movies

  3. Who writes genuine review on Spyder movie. I don’t know.Please tell me Spyder is either Block buster or White buster.l

    • Spyder is really a good movie and message oriented. Please dont look at the comments maid by paid critics and anti fans. We total family enjoyed the movie.

  4. its a nice movie in superstar career hatsoff to mahesh and murugadoss excellent movie with good message

  5. Really it is a good filim and mainly extraordinary performance sj.surya garu and MAHESH annaiah . Direction is so good. We want spyder 2 from murgadas sir and MAHESH combination

  6. Critic’s were failed on spyder movie reviews. It is running with huge hit and big collection. Mahesh is really super star.

  7. and most of the south indian movies r also a remake of bollywood movies. queen tamanah is working in it, 3 idots, mr india a wednesday. but they both copy each other films. and make remake. so u cant criticise individually. both should b blame. iam a bollywood fan but nowdays i dont watch youth generation actors film because i dont like them. but iam a huge fan of nagarjuna mahesh babu rajnikanth kamal hasan. all r great actors. and i hv watched many films of these actors. and dont talk rubbish bollywood tollywood. we should respect their work and should b proud of their work as an indian.

  8. judwa is a remake of telugu film hello brother but telugu film hello brother itself was a remake of jackie chain twin dragons.

  9. he is a good looking actor in in india. very smart work and awesome performens in on scree.
    i am huge fan of mahesh babu sir .he is a real superstar.

  10. Not as a fan of Mahesh, but as a general Movie goer I appreciate SPYDER. Kudos to Mahesh to do such off beat movie keeping aside his stardom giving importance to the theme. Coming to critics, who are they to influence the audience. Why the choice of watching a movie is not left to the audience. Destroying a movie or image of any hero is detrimental to film industry as the families of many technicians survive on this. If a critic as a part of general audience comments then take the comments of entire crowd that has watched the movie. Critics are not appointed by regulatory authorities to publish reviews. As regards to fans of other heroes , I don’t call them anti fans, I am seeing this mud slinging for 40 years. Why not we graduate to the next level of appreciating movies irrespective of the heroes. After all Mahesh or for that matter any hero is not enemy. They produce movies to entertain us. This does not exist any where in the world other than telugu speaking states. Lastly people said tamil flavor in SPYDER. Why this discrimination. Whereas we raise slogans on discrimination on racial, caste etc. etc. What is this hypocracy. In the end let help film industry survive.

    • You are 100% correctly said sir. Spyder is really good. Paid critics and Antifans are making bad propaganda on this movie. We total family went to the movie and concept is good. Mahesh action and Murugadoss direction is excellent. This type of negetive comments even before relesase movie is ultimatley loss for TFI.

  11. spyder is a classic movie of good versus evil with rivetting performances from MB and NJ surya.It not only sends a message and makes people aware of hidden dangers among them.
    Recent shoot out in USA killing 22 people by a sadist.is the classic example of the society where we r living in.People should watch such movies to grasp the message and helpful to society in stopping such dangers.

  12. Mahesh babu super star in and as spyder movie super suspense movie 2017 block buster in India it’s real hit

  13. while commenting on telugu ur so called sallu bhai got hit after so many yrs by doing remake of telugu film of mahesh babu’s pokiri n u knw about movie bahubalii the conclusion haha kids go ask ur hindi film industry to do such a movie even in their dreams …… later come on reality ……. n u knw one nenokkadine got 9.3 rating in imdb in thriller genre beating batman dark knight rises……chiranjeeviii our mega star is first person in indian films industries … who took 1cr as remuneration…… haha kids play with bloody fucking love stories n remakes of telugu movies go goo…..

    • Yes 1 correct news is correct because when he got 1 crore rajnikanth got 75lac & same time amitabh got 65 lac I am die hard fan if this 3

  14. What r u saying man… this is not what u think about Tollywood films..they r the most creative among all respective industries…

    • Dnt insult south indian movies..most of bollystars are acting in our industery..amitabh is ready to act in south..u will see in feature..

    • Do u know that most of the Bollywood movies are remake of South Indian movies. If South Indian movies are waste then their remake may be worst.

    • Do u know that most of the Bollywood movies are remake of South Indian movies. If South Indian movies are waste then their remake may be worst..

      • Critic’s were failed on spyder movie reviews. It is running with huge hit and big collection. Mahesh is really super star.

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