Simran 8 Days Box Office Collection

Simran Total Box Office Collection 8 Days Business Weekend Income Overseas Earnings Worldwide Report : 8th day collection of ‘Simran’ was not up to the mark as the film witnessed decent occupancy. Kangana Ranaut starrer latest Hindi celluloid witnessed drastic drop in the public response on Monday and the Bollywood offering raked in one digit box office figure on that day.

Hitting a limited number of screens on 16th September, the drama flick commenced its box office journey with a small opening day income. After receiving moderate response on day 1, the movie raked in an average amount in domestic arena. Newly released Bollywood cinema ‘Lucknow Central‘ affected the performance of Kangana’s latest film in central India.

Showcasing a decent performance on first day of release, Hansal Mehta’s directorial venture reported 37% culmination in the audiences’ response on following day. Saturday was quite conducive for the Hindi flick as it experienced increment in the number of footfalls in cinema halls. Kangana’s comeback movie grossed Rs 6.53 crore total income in two days.

Reporting a consistent hike further on third day, the Hindi movie surpassed double digit income figure. Meeting the expected trade number on Sunday, Simran box office collection reached to a good level. The multi-starrer flick, which features other artists in supporting roles, bagged a whopping amount at domestic platform. In overseas, the film couldn’t earn much revenue.

Simran Day Wise Box Office Collection

  • 1st Day (Friday) : Rs 2.77 crore
  • 2nd Day (Saturday) : Rs 3.76 crore
  • 3rd Day (Sunday) : Rs 4.12 crore
  • 4th Day (Monday) : Rs 1.41 crore
  • 5th Day (Tuesday) : Rs 1.25 crore
  • 6th Day (Wednesday) : Rs 1.16 crore
  • Simran 8 Days Collection : Rs 15 crore


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  3. She picked 3 national award and with his alone Bollywood career we need to appreciate someone who really did brilliant job without any filmy back ground solute you Even I am from Nepal Kathmandu I solute her and she is always superb

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  5. I am sure Good sense will prevail. No body will leave the industry.Hritik and Kangna are two different people,,Both will go on performing in films in their own way ,And we shall see good films Simran is already a hit .It has earned 33 crores already….18 crores on box office in India and Abroad + 15 crores from Musical rights of T series and abroad ,,, To earn 10 more crores at the pace 50 lakh to 1 crore daily is a child ” s play for this Nice Kangna film .So guys be cool .It is already a hit ..I am sure both Ritik and Kangna can have their space in Hindi film industry,,It is wrong to call it bollywood ,,,It is Hindi film industry

    • Such a relief to read your comment. Both on movie point of view, and about artists. Fed up of reading poison about stars.
      And yes, it’s Hindi Film Industry.

    • Such a relief to read your comment. Both on movie point of view, and about artists. Fed up of reading poison about stars.
      And yes, it’s Hindi Film Industry. ?

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