Parmanu Movie One Month Collection Total Box Office Worldwide Business Income Report

Parmanu Movie One Month Collection Total Box Office Worldwide Business Income Report Overseas Earnings : Boman Irani, John Abraham and Diana Penty starrer latest Hindi film ‘Parmanu : The Story of Pokhran’ has started its box office journey on an average note. The Bollywood flick has been released worldwide today. The Hindi flick is expected to earn a whopping single digit collection on first day of its release in India.

Directed by Abhishek Sharma, the historical action drama flick received positive feedback from the audiences. The Hindi language celluloid was appreciated by a large number of film critics in India. The movie marks the historical success of Indian to become a nuclear power in the world, its story is definitely going to be interesting for every Indian citizen. Many trade analysts have opined that this film is going to be the turning point for John Abraham’s career in the acting industry.

The movie is based on the nuclear tests conducted in Pokhran city of Rajasthan. The nuclear tests were conducted by Indian army and scientists in 1998. As the film revolves around an interesting incident happened in India’s history, it is expected to attract a huge number of audience in the cinema halls in first weekend. If word of mouth remains positive for the flick, filmmakers are expecting that their film may collect a double digit whopping income in the opening weekend.

John Abraham and Diana Penty will be sharing screen for the first time. The duo has never worked together in any film before. Both are playing crucial roles in this offering which has been produced under the banners of ‘JA Entertainment’, ‘Zee Studios’ and ‘KYTA Production’. Made under the budget of Rs 50 crore, the drama flick is predicted to earn around Rs 30 crore box office collection in first week of its release.

Parmanu Box Office Collection

  • 1st Day – Rs 4.82 crore
  • 2nd Day – Rs 7.62 crore
  • 3rd Day – Rs 8.32 crore
  • 4th Day – Rs 4.10 crore
  • 5th Day – Rs 3.81 crore
  • 6th Day – Rs 3.48 crore
  • 7th Day – Rs 3.24 crore
  • 8th Day – Rs 2.05 crore
  • 9th Day – Rs 3.56 crore
  • 10th Day – Rs 4.53 crore
  • 11th Day – Rs 1.79 crore

Parmanu Worldwide Collection

  • India : Rs 60.69 crore
  • North America : Rs 2.30 crore
  • Malaysia : Rs 0.01 crore
  • New Zealand : Rs 0.27 crore
  • Australia : Rs 0.54 crore
  • United Kingdom : Rs 0.40 crore
  • UAE : Rs 2.49 crore
  • Worldwide Total : Rs 66.70 crore


  1. A movie to be watched by everybody the perfect lesson for patriotism and a message that where there is a will there is a way

  2. Parmanu is best movie ever. Edge of the seat thriller even though you already know the outcome.

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