Mersal Full Tamil Movie Total Box Office Collection

Total collection of Mersal full Tamil movie took the overall box office business to the next level. Adding the overseas earnings to total income of the film, the celluloid garnered whopping amount in 26 days. Releasing on huge number of screens in India as well as in foreign countries, the Tamil language offering minted thumping revenue in opening week.

Pre-release business of the action drama flick already surpassed triple digit income. Bagging Rs 70 crore in Tamil Nadu, Rs 5 crore in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, Rs 5 crore in Karnataka, Rs 7 crore in Kerala and Rs 1 crore in rest of the nation, the multi-starrer Tamil celluloid registered walloping business before its release in the domestic arena and foreign countries.

Kick starting the box office journey on higher note, superstar Vijay starrer offering collected an income of Rs 24.8 crore in TN on first day. Performing well in other south Indian states, the movie raked in Rs 5 crore in Kannada speaking region. In Malayalam speaking areas, the film made a business of Rs 4.5 crore. The celluloid witnessed steady response in those regions.

Parallelly released Tollywood movie ‘Raja The Great‘ too commenced its box office journey on an average note and attracted a huge number of spectators in the cinema halls. Atlee’s directorial project didn’t face a massive impact of the adjacent release as it divulged a major chunk of film-watchers and witnessed bulky occupancy in initial three days of its release.

Bollywood film ‘Secret Superstar‘ didn’t manage to impress the audiences as it pocketed just Rs 4.5 crore on first day of its release. As the Hindi cinema experienced tremendous competition at box office, business of the film grew with a consistent rate on the following day. The celluloid gained stagnant response from the movie-watchers as new Hindi celluloid released on Friday.

Rohit Shetty’s directorial venture witnessed a massive 80% occupancy on the opening day. Featuring Prakash Raj, Neil Nitin Mukesh, Kunal Khemu, Arshad Warsi, Ajay Devgn, Tabu, Parinit Chopra, Shreyas Talpade and Tussar Kapoor in leading roles, the comedy flick received positive feedback from the public domain as well as critics. ‘Golmaal Again‘ is expected to cross Rs 100 crore mark in first week.


  1. Movie Box Collections,
    I read your article on Mersal 11 day collections, if you don’t know the facts don’t write articles. Even you don’t know the difference between Kollywood and Tollywood.

  2. Mersal is a all-time blockbuster movie i enjoyed so much in these year biggest blockbuster movie is mersal one of the my favorite movie.

  3. south indian films only take a logical films like mersal, tamilan etc., It is not possible in hindi films because south indians are real super stars mersal always mersal

  4. Mersal is a blockbuster movie in all times in which Vijay registered as superstar in his rolls .our family members enjoyed the movie and suggested everyone must see this movie as my friends talked about

  5. Mersal is blockbuster movie of all times in which Vijay did a amazing roll in fathers corector as much as his best performance once again as superstar in TN state

  6. F****** Bollywood who says the message is copied from Hindi movie you understand don’t be fools The Message movie is the greatest movie and you know that Jayanth is waste and also Tamil is always no no no no the best language ever and also mother of all languages in Hindi language by people not buy the real language Hindi is extracted language from Sanskrit Sanskrit you know but Tamil is the real language in which the Sanskrit wasn’t extracted so I understand the Tamil movie is not copied movie as I am a big fan I am Jayanth I’m saying that you just making funny things as you said ok bye many copy Tamil films many copied Hindi films from Tamil not from Bollywood don’t make fool of things your pool

  7. I am not understand Tamil language but I am seeing all movies of Vijay. Now Waiting for mersal in Hindi Version.

  8. I am not understand Tamil language but I am seeing all movies of Vijay. Now Waiting for mersal in Hindi Version.


  10. You guys fighting which industry is best and copied..Only in India but in other nation see as an Indian Movies..They dont know which is Bollywood kollywood or fucking wood…So Peace bro..

  11. tollywood movies are copied from Bollywood. mersal also a remake of hindi movie. you should give the entire credit of your success to your father inudustry

  12. It is mix copy of apoorva sagotharargal (a kamal movie 1987 which means rare brothers),moondru mugam,a rajni movie which means three faces)the magic(english)(the exchange of handcuffs with police officer sathyaraj).And many more.
    A doctor friend says M.D is a physician.Only a surgeon.Does not have basic knowledge.
    They say vijay is a mbbs,md but he is a “world famous surgeon”…Foolish.
    In an interview atlee says there are seven raagam seven thalam…Bull shit…There are only seven swarams…Seven musical notes…How can such an idiot make a good movie…Vijay fans are also total idiots….

  13. Bollywood films scenes are copying from hollywood movies….south indians films are cultural films..nice movie…only southindian people we are following indian culture…

  14. hlw south indian films are always good…hindi film are destroying our culture…like hollywood films..,,u people can show improment in technologies..but u destroyed indian culture…

  15. Ready,Wanted,Sigham,ghajni,Drishaym,Jai ho,Bodyguard and Many of them movie are copy from South. These movies proves that Tollywood is best .

  16. this movie should be banned because it is disrespecting the government’s developmental programs like digital india and policy GST.

    • Then go nd join army forces give ur life for our country nd ur government than simply commenting abt this movie….BTW i thank ur government for promoting(the only good thing d government had done) this film all over d india????…

  17. shame on you mr atlee.. you hav copied this movie from Bollywood.. hindi film industry is better than south film industry

    • Haha don’t get cocky and mentioned that mersal copy from Bollywood movie cuz always Bollywood copy form south and get hit…… Kick, Wanted,soldier, singam, OK kanmani, kaakha, thani or u can, makkhi, etc all from south only ……

  18. I have never heard of Bollywood films being remade in South except for probably 3 Idiots and Jolly LLB. But I have heard of films like Singam, Singam 2, OK Kanmani, Kaakha Kaakha, Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya, Thani Oruvan being remade in Bollywood. The reason why Bhajrangi Bhaijaan became sleeper hit was KV Vijayendra Prasad who was the screenwriter. So, think before you comment. Oh, and BTW, Vijayendra Prasad is the father of SS Rajamouli who brought out films like the Baahubali series and Naan Ee (Makkhhi). Go figure.

  19. bahubali 2 is also copied movie from Hindi film industry and hence it earned 1500 crore. Hindi film industry zindaabaad!!

    • What the nonsense? If it was copied, why does the original film didnot earn 1000 crores?? Hindi film industry has nothing to do with.. Except few good people like salman khan, amir khan, srk. South industry is growing like a wildfire.. #jabardaas haha

    • Shut ur mouth asshole……u people always complaint abt bullshitss….by d way Bollywood superstar’s also acted in remake of south indian films but their films didn’t go well this proves that Bollywood actors are very poor in acting……

    • Bollywood stars are online known for misbehaving and these guys are saying about real superstars… ROFL…. I think you don’t know the real meaning of acting. Watch more vijay, ajith films go go

    • @Mahesh We know what “wood” fan you are but please, before commenting about Tamil actors, please look at your own ‘clowns’ and tell if they are really actors 😛 😛 😛

  20. Bollywood is always better than Tollywood and south Indian film industry. Fight scenes in South Indian movies have no logic. How ridiculous ??

    • Hmmm… Talking about logic this reminds me of Chennai express where the villain is so bigger than the hero and he also wins the f8… how’s that possible??

    • Ohhhhh…..did u seen ok jannu,singham,etcc they were a remake of south indian films…so shut ur mouth and search fpr proofs before u comment idiot

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