Golmaal Again Full Hindi Movie Total Box Office Collection

Box office collection of Golmaal Again full movie reached to new level in one month. Overseas earnings and total business minted by the Hindi movie created new record on Indian box office. Also, the Bollywood movie received a good response in the foreign countries and witnessed steady theatre occupancy in the cinema halls throughout entire first week.

Beginning the box office journey on larger note, Rohit Shetty’s directorial project gained thumping response from the film-watchers on first day. The comedy movie exhibited outstanding performance in the cinema halls and multiplexes on 1st day and raked in a whopping income of Rs 30.14 crore on opening day of its release in India.

On next day, the Bollywood flick witnessed slight declination in the audiences’ response and faced drop in the theatre occupancy. The huge occupancy, which was about 80% on first day, declined to around 60-70% on 2nd day. Although the celluloid experienced slight reduction in the number of movie-watchers, it garnered a walloping amount of Rs 28.37 crore on Saturday.

3rd day was expected to escalate the total earnings of the film beyond triple digit box office income, but the cinema didn’t manage to surpass Rs 90 crore mark with the addition of business made on 3rd day. However, the Hindi offering continued to receive a huge response from the faudiences on third day and pocketed Rs 29.09 crore on Sunday.

On Monday, the movie experienced gradual decrease in the public response and witnessed abrupt drop in the earnings. The family entertainer conglomerated Rs 16.04 crore income on 4th day of its release. Facing more decline in the business as well as the overall theatre occupancy on fourth day of release, the celluloid collected Rs 13.25 crore on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, the movie collected Rs 10.05 crore income. Continuing to face a declined response, the film raked in comparatively lesser amount of Rs 9.13 crore on Thursday. In 2nd weekend, the film’s performance boosted and it collected Rs 7.25 crore on Friday, Rs 10.61 crore on Saturday and Rs 13.58 crore on Sunday.

In week days, the Hindi offering witnessed gradual drop in the public response and faced impact of the same on its business. The movie earned Rs 4.33 crore on Monday, Rs 4.02 crore on Tuesday, Rs 3.78 crore on Wednesday, Rs 3.28 crore 14th day, Rs 2.04 crore on 15th day and Rs 3.69 crore income on 16th day of its release in India.

Fourth sequel of ‘Golmaal‘ not only received massive response in the domestic arena but also bagged helm earnings in the international arena. The celluloid registered a business of A$ 362,389 in Australia, NZ$ 264,834 in New Zealand and Fiji, Rs 0.03 crore in Malaysia, Rs 6.54 crore in North America, Rs 1.63 crore in United Kingdom and Rs 10.16 crore from the rest of the world.

The movie’s overall domestic gross surpassed Rs 100 crore mark in 3 days. The Bollywood film’s gross income in first weekend was Rs 112.31 crore. The fourth installment of ‘Golmaal‘ series crossed Rs 130 crore mark at worldwide box office and minted Rs 132.93 crore overall gross (domestic + overseas) in initial three days of its release across the globe.

In south India, superstar Vijay’s newly released Tamil film ‘Mersal‘ collected record-breaking earnings. The multi-starrer movie, which also stars ‘Yamudu 3’ fame S J Suriya in leading roles, earned a big revenue in the international market. Though the Tamil language celluloid faced many controversies over its story, it persistently performed well on Indian box office.

Atlee’s directorial venture showcased excellent performance in the foreign market. Gaining a bulky response in overseas countries, Rs 9.88 crore in the international arena. The film agglomerated £ 361,401 [INR 3.11 cr] in United Kingdom, NZ$ 30,004 [INR 13.62 lakhs] in New Zealand, MYR 2,325,004 [INR 3.57 cr] in Malaysia and A$ 406,622 [INR 2.07 cr] in Australia.

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