Bahubali 2 Movie 9 Days Collection Total Business Box Office Income

Bahubali 2 Movie 9 Days Collection Total Business Box Office Income : By earning Rs 569 crore in eight days, the second part of Baahubali : The Beginning became the first Indian film to collect such a huge income. Releasing on 6500 screens in India and 1050 screens in North America, the sequel to 2015’s superhit blockbuster minted a total worldwide business of Rs 785 crore. The movie is expected to surpass Rs 1000 crore mark by the 2nd weekend.

The second installment of Bahubali franchise started its journey on Indian box office with a massive opening weekend collection of Rs 303 crore (including all languages). The celluloid grossed an amount of Rs 128 crore from its Hindi version. Featuring Anushka Shetty, Rana Daggubati, Ramya Krishnan, Prabhas and Tamannah Bhatia in prominent roles, the multilingual offering garnered Rs 175 crore collection in south Indian region (Tamil + Telugu + Malayalam) version.

After completing first week in domestic market, the movie’s overall collection was recorded to be Rs 534 crore. The total income included Rs 247 crore from Hindi version and Rs 287 crore from Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam versions. Performing excellently in international market, Bahubali 2 : The Conclusion bagged an overall income more than Rs 180 crore. The film is expected to witness growth in the overseas business in ten days.

With a whopping amounts pocketed in nine days of release, SS Rajamouli’s directorial venture succeeded in beating the blockbuster Bollywood movies like Sultan, Kick, PK, Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Dangal topped the list of highest grosser films in India. The multi-starrer flick successfully broke all box office records and turned out to be the best Indian movie ever. Filmmakers recently released the Chinese version of the movie in China.

Bahubali 2 (All Versions) Day Wise BOC

  • 28th April – Rs 121 crore
  • 29th April – Rs 90.50 crore
  • 30th April – Rs 91.50 crore
  • 1st May – Rs 80 crore
  • 2nd May – Rs 58 crore
  • 3rd May – Rs 50 crore
  • 4th May – Rs 43 crore
  • 5th May – Rs 35 crore
  • 6th May – Rs 47 crore {early estimated}
  • Total Business – Rs 616 crore

Baahubali 2 (Hindi Version) Day Wise Income

  • 1st Day – Rs 41 crore
  • 2nd Day – Rs 40.50 crore
  • 3rd Day – Rs 46.50 crore
  • 4th Day – Rs 40.25 crore
  • 5th Day – Rs 30 crore
  • 6th Day – Rs 26 crore
  • 7th Day – Rs 22.75 crore
  • 8th Day – Rs 19.75 crore
  • 9th Day – Rs 25.75 crore (expected)
  • Overall Collection – Rs 292.50 crore

Bahubali 2 (Tamil + Telugu) Day Wise Business

  • Friday – Rs 80 crore
  • Saturday – Rs 50 crore
  • Sunday – Rs 45 crore
  • Monday – Rs 40.25 crore
  • Tuesday – Rs 28 crore
  • Wednesday – Rs 24 crore
  • Thursday – Rs 21.25 crore
  • Friday – Rs 15.25 crore
  • Saturday – Rs 21.25 crore
  • Total Earnings – Rs 323.50 crore

Bahubali 2 Business in Overseas

  • USA – $ 13,371,300 {Rs 84.76 crore}
  • Canada – $ 414,728 {Rs 3.89 crore}
  • North America – $ 13,786,028 {Rs 88.65 crore}
  • Australia (Hindi Version) –  A$ 1,520,229 {Rs 7.26 crore}
  • Australia (Tamil Version) –  A$ 692,818 {Rs 3.31 crore}
  • United Kingdom – £ 194,523 {Rs 1.61 crore}
  • New Zealand – NZ$ 301,694 {Rs 1.33 crore}


  1. अब बालीबुड इसकी आदत डाल ले,अब वही होगा जो हिन्दुत्व चाहेगा,हिंदू हीरो के साथ पूरी स्टार कास्ट हिंदू हो अगर अब चाहते हो कि हिंदुस्तानी जनता फिल्म देखे,हिंदूओ का सम्मान करना सिखना होगा,पकिस्तान परस्त देशद्रोही अब नही चाहिये,जय श्री राम,जय हिंदुत्व

  2. sahi kaha. some people are jealous to see the film succeeding at box office. they should realize the power of south indian film industry

  3. I have done schooling in tamil nature and worked in south India. Being from north, initially I used to blindly support hindi cinema (for style etc) and disrespect tamil cinema for being rustic. As I have grown older and mature, and the pan indian view it have due to the tough times spent in TN, I now appreciate cinema that works for Indian people and our image abroad.
    I realised that all the style shown in bollywood is fake when. I visited mumbai the first time. It was dirty and not clean like movies show it. With time I have dropped all my biases and appreciate a product that speaks for the whole country and not just some rich or privileged.
    Baahubali is close to my heart as it shows our ancient heritage in good light. We as as nation deserve such grandeur for the 3000 old civilisation we are. Sadly all that bollywood has done is peddle caricatures as far as soon our as our ancient heritage is concerned. (EG. SRK starred Asoka).
    My heartfelt respect to Mr rajamouli and his dedicated team.
    Keep theverything flag flying high.
    Jail hind.

    • Corrections. Tamil nadu and not tamil nature, pan indian view it have and not ‘it have ‘.

      I urge all to go and support this film so that bollywood is forced to leave the star culture of entitlement and switch to hard work, to entertain us at the level of soul and not just skin-deep.

  4. I think Rajamouli Sir should be honoured with Bharat Ratna title, how many people agree with me? please reply to my comment to share your opinions

  5. Prabhash the bahubali 2 is awesome, superb…. incredible movie. I love the most…only rascal dislike because they only like luuuul actor like khan…..but khan is nothing in front of the prabhash the bahubali.

  6. nonsense movie, with no links in the fight scenes. kuchh bhi dikhate hai saale. aur wo logo ko to dekho jinko ye muvi pasand aa gayi. aye bade lecture dene wale. kabhi hollywood ya bollywood mein itne boring scenes dikhaye hai kya, saara kaam practical hota hai

    • you are the biggest Lol….Or waise bhi kucch log aise hote hai jinko joke bhi kuchh din baad samjh aata hai so keep trying one day you will be understand …..

  7. aise lagta hai jaise kisi film ki remake banayi ho. kya faltu scenes hai. sirf superstars hone k wajah se hit ho gayi ye movie. warna kuchh aukat nahi thi jo itna collection kar rahi hai ye film

    • There are no superstars in this movie, non-holiday release, no publicity stunts, people are not able to digest as it is a regional movie, no big Bollywood superstar and Bolly wood heroine. People praise Hindi movies which have copied story from regional movies ( Wanted, Ready, Rowdy Rathore, Bodyguard, Drishyam) to name a few. There are so many Bollywood movies which make 100cr plus every year with a faltu story, IT BECOME A HIT just because it has a superstar and a very glam heroine with skimpy clothes and some item songs. THIS MOVIE HAS ACHIEVED IN TEN DAYS WHERE OTHER MOVIES HAVE TAKEN 30 TO 40 DAYS.

  8. bahut hi ghatiya movie hai. i didn’t like it. i don’t know how people r liking it. such a boring action scenes and nonsense story

    • This movie doesn’t have a “Bollywood” superstar, “Glamorous” Bollywood heroine so it’s a “GHATIYA” movie. Frankly, nobody expected the movie to make so much of money and that too its a regional movie, that’s why people are feeling jealous as it doesn’t feature any of their fav Bollywood stars, OTHERWISE PEOPLE PRAISE THOSE MOVIES FEATURING BOLLYWOOD SUPERSTARS WHOSE STORY IS COPIED FROM REGIONAL MOVIES ( WANTED, BODYGUARD, ROWDY RATHORE, DRISHYAM) to name a few.

    • tere jaise log, jo thik se movie dekhte nahi aur jalate hai south indian film industry se, waise log hi bhala bura keh sakte hain. andar bahut jalan ho rahi hai na iss movie k box office collection ko dekh kar. beta, bollywood ne kabhi kamaya hai kya itna income

    • By the end of the day we can,t stop to anyone to have their own view.. we all have freedom for this.. but my view is it is complete movie from india we have who can made such kind of movie who can set new standards of our country and mr. SS rajamaoli made this movie with very low budget… movie is having lot of good point if you guys can understand… full respect of womens… used proper sanskrit which prestigious for indians… and the most imp thing is the special effects are something which shows that could be possible in practical ground…. bahubali 2 is new Era for indian movie industries world is excepted.. it is going to cross 1500cr in coming 15 days… and when 99.999% people are happy and excited what we have seen in movie then who he doest liked movie they need to see again and analyze what they have done while wacthing… have those people done mistaken while watching movie not understood about movie… Jai Mahesmati

    • well said uday. its not the fault of the film. some people are jealous of rajamouli’s success

  9. Once in a lifetime movie . It’s an epic & will be remembered for generations to come. SS Rajamouli you are a great movie maker probably the showman of the century.

  10. paisa wasool movie hai bhailog.. jindagi mein pehli baar aisi badhiya muvi dekhi hai kya baatau aapko

  11. hi guys. i am very delighted to enjoy this movie in theatre, it was an awesome experience to watch the film in cinema hall

  12. i have never seen such a boring movie in my life. kya bakwas film hai. sare k sare fight scenes itne pakau the kya batau. pata nahi kyu itna pasand kar rahe log iss film ko. isse achi to bollywood ki films hoti hai. actions scenes mein itni milawat nahi hoti. aur south indians cinemas ko dek lo. kitna badha chadha k fight scenes dikhate hai

    • then just go to hell . u haven’t understood the film’s storyline properly. entire world awaited for this movie and u r disrespecting it. shame on u

      • why r u jealous? it’s my on point of you. i am not forcing u to say the same opinion. tell the address of hell. both of us will go to it.

    • There are so many crap movies which have come in bollywood that don’t feel like even watching after seeing the trailer. Milawat Chada ke stunts, looks like u have not seen Matrix movie (Hollywood), look at the fight sequences in bollywood movies like Commando, bodyguard, wanted, action jackson. THIS MOVIE HAS NO SUPER STAR, NO HOLIDAY RELASE, NO MARKETING OR PUB STUNTS, NO TV SHOW APPEARANCES BY STARS, THIS MOVIE HAS COLLECTION IN TEN DAYS WHERE OTHERS HAVE TAKEN 30 DAYS. This tells that this movie is growing on STRONG WORD OF MOUTH by the people of this country, This movie is not liked by some people as it’s a regional movie and it has no big names, but it’s growth is phenomenal , which is hard to digest. There were many pakao movies in bollywood n south before, ,which had stars , publicity gimmicks etc.

    • Thats basically your point of view.
      if you don’t like a genre like this, then why did you watch it.
      There’s a critic rating of 4 stars out of 5 and once go and open imdbto see the madness of not only India but the World too zindagi for such a boring movie (as you said).

    • Do u understand story first then talk about the film. Bollywood movies r boring all movies r dubbing from telugu. Can bollywo

    • Do u understand story first then talk about the film. Bollywood movies r boring all movies r dubbing from telugu. Can bollywood director make movie like bahubali and bahubali2. Neverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr can make

  13. admirable kaam kiya hai sab logo ne. is film ki sabhi actresses aur actors ko bahut bahut shubhkamnaye

  14. prabhas and rana daggubati ki physical fitness badi charming hai. wow what a bicep. i am stunned to see the mesmerizing physique of both the artists

  15. nice film. i am impressed with the performances of all cinestars in this movie. luv u all. and best of luck for the future journey in the industry

    • bhai pehle week mein hi 1000 cr ho chuka hai. ab 2 weeks mein hi 1500 crore ho jayega. aur tisre week mein 2000 crore k aage banega total income

      • u r right bro. the movie is going to create history with the huge box office collection

  16. energetic performances by all characters. i liked this cinema very much. thank u india for the great movie

  17. ss rajamouli sir has done fabulous job by directing this blockbuster
    congratulations to him and the entire team of bahubali

      • well said behen. we luv rajamouli sir very much. he is the real hero of south indian film industry

    • well said ritesh. mouli sir is the only one responsible for such a big success on indian box office

    • iss muvi ne to kamaal hi kar diya. india ko aur jyada famous kar diya. south indian film industry always rocks

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